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About Us

                      Amir H. Boone                     CEO of AB Productions

                   Amir H. Boone

            CEO of AB Productions

                         Steve Albano              Head of Film Department

                      Steve Albano

        Head of Film Department

                           Mike Mott                    Head of Marketing 

                         Mike Mott

                Head of Marketing 

                           Connor Rice                                  CFO 

                         Connor Rice


                     Sean McCarty                        Head Writer

                   Sean McCarty

                    Head Writer



     A group of  Quinnipiac University students with the same love for media entertainment came together to form what will soon be know as the best production company to hit CT and then the world! Okay, humble filter back on, we'd like to welcome you all to AB Productions a company that provides services in helping others produce their choice of music, films, video games, or all three. We also have a DJ rental service providing you with nothing but the best for your next social get together. Our goal is to bring in a breath of fresh air to entertainment, introducing the feel of community with each and every artist, director, and designer that joins us.  For too long it's felt like competition has taken over, more focus on how much one sold as opposed to how many people they've affected.  We're here to help people open their eyes to what entertainment should be. We are also selling clothing apparel and all proceeds go into building this company and the future purchase of  an innovative location for operations.  Together we can make something big and truly express ourselves as a community. 



"  Community is a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. So come join our ever-growing family"

~Amir Boone