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Amir Boone (Abizzle)



North Haven, CT

Current Location:

Quinnipiac University


What You Do:    

Media production


Music Genres:

Hip Hop, Electronic, R&B


Movie Genres:

Comedy (mostly)


Game Genres:

Adventure,Action RPG


So, you made it this far welcome to my profile page on AB Production's website I'm the head of this whole shindig with dope team that just won't quit.  I'm a musician, director, designer, entrepreneur, and my goal is to bring a good time to y'all.  So sit back enjoy and let's do something big! (Short and Sweet)

Media is the biggest form of self expression, whether you’re telling your story or fighting for a cause you believe in. I’m 20, and I think anything is possible if you try, and if you have people willing to help then heck, how can you not succeed.
— Amir Boone